Cheddar Artists

My name is Alyssa and I run #daisydoesn’t which provides workshops and 1 to 1 sessions to inspire young women to learn to value themselves and be who they want to be. I do this through a variety of different ways including art and creative expression in a relaxed and youth work style environment.

I love mindfulness as a way of relieving anxiety and stress and combine my knowledge of mental health and wellbeing with art projects, mindful art and crafts.

I have provided workshops for a variety of ages, including adults, and felt that it may be fun to be able to offer the opportunity for all to come and take part in a free and ‘come and go as you like’ workshop for CHAFF.

There will be various art and craft activities that anyone can take part in and hopefully go away with a little bit of their own art and feeling a little calmer! Maybe even having picked up some tips on managing their own stresses through creative expression!